Why documentary style photography?

Because often times the moments you really want to remember are the things you most easily forget.

Events stick with you, or at the very least are captured on the iPhone of everyone in attendance. But what about those other 353 days of the year. The days filled with grocery shopping, playdates, bubble baths and bedtime stories? Those are the moments that I want to capture for you.

Keep the house messy, let the kids pick out their own outfits, embrace the toddler meltdowns and and let me document what your life is realllly like. I promise, it's far more beautiful than you could ever imagine, and most importantly, it's real.

"When you're in the thick of raising your kids, you tend to keep a running list of everything you think you're doing wrong. I recommend taking a lot of family pictures as evidence to the contrary."

- Connie Shultz

It's been said...

It's been said...

“Kristin is so easy to work with and my kids and I were comfortable with her immediately. She has a great eye for capturing the special little moments that make the mundane just a bit more magical. You'll love working with her!”

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