I'm sure you're wondering...

Why should I have a documentary session instead of a regular portrait session?​

Because often times the moments you really want to remember are the things you most easily forget. Events stick with you, or at the very least are captured on the iPhone of everyone in attendance. But what about those other 353 days of the year. The days filled with pancakes breakfasts, bubble baths and bedtime stories, grocery shopping and cookie baking. Those are the moments that I want to capture for you. Keep the house messy, let the kids pick out their own outfits, embrace the toddler meltdowns and and let me document what your life is realllly like. I promise, it's far more beautiful than you could ever imagine, and most importantly, it's real. :)​

What exactly happens during a documentary session? 

​The same thing that happens every other day! The goal of these sessions are to document your life as it is. Once you book your session I'll send over a client questionnaire for you to complete which will help me get an idea of what a "normal" day looks like for your family. Once completed we can either hop on a phone call, or meet for a cup of coffee and go over the plan for your session. Together we'll create a timeline for the day that embraces the normalcy of your life, while still keeping the kiddos (and the husband!) engaged and smiling. On the day of I'll show up, and spend the first 10-15 minutes just meeting the family and hanging out so that we all get comfortable with each other. My goal is to take photos that make you feel like you are a part of your family, not just observing them. This means that I'll be spending just as much time hanging out and playing while NOT taking photos, as I will be while taking photos. So don't worry if you don't the click of the camera all day. I promise, I'm just setting the stage to capture all the great moments to come. ​

What if my family is no good at being photographed?

Nonesense!! The best part about a documentary session is that there are no rules, no posing, and most importantly no need to be "perfect". Does your 4 year old want to wear their 3 sizes too small spider man costume? Let them! Is your 2 year old in the habit of throwing a tantrum for no good reason? Bring it on! Seriously. Right now it seems ridiculous, I get it. I've got a perpetual Superhero Princess living in my house, but ten years from now you'll look back at that image of Spiderman, running though the house and be reminded of that little laugh that whizzed by with it. Oh, and that toddler tantrum that always happens at the worst possible time? Ten years from now that photograph will remind you of the sweet snuggles that followed it. I promise, we will get your kids in "real" clothes, with real smiles by the end of the session, but if your family is anything like mine right now, your life is messy and chaotic and often times overwhelming. Don't let the stress of pictures add to that chaos. You live your life, your real life, and I promise to capture images that will show you just how lovely it is. 

Sooo... I know you said to leave my house messy... but really??

​Yes, really! Well, mostly. Chances are, your house doesn't look Pinterest perfect every moment of every day, and why should it? Life happens there. Like I said before, the goal of a documentary session is to photograph your life as it is now. Sure, clean up the crumbs and wipe down the counters, but those toys scattered though out the living room? Leave them be. Chances are you guys will  be playing with them anyways. :)

I'm ready to make this happen! Now what?

Easy, just click the below to send me an email! I'll get back to you within a few hours with some additional information. From there we can setup a time to jump on a phone call and talk more about your session and date. For single day shoots, a non-refundable $100 deposit is due at the time of scheduling to reserve your date and time. The remainder of the fee is due at the time of your photo session. Additional payment schedules are available for Year in the Life sessions.

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